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  • Very excited to see and hear my brand new single gaining air play across Canada. Brand new single Tiny Diamond Feat. Stef Lang has sparked some ears in the radio world. Tiny Diamond made the top ten most down loaded indie artist/ song for May 19th 2014 on the DMDS site. Please check out this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL3R4yBCdxs This is a great accomplishment for me and I continue to work hard and gain more and more success, I want to thank all that are involved in this radio promo. Please check out Last Tango http://www.lasttangoproductions.com/2014/05/lou-potter/ Thank you for all their involvement and help. I also would like to thank Jeff Dawson the Producer for the Album "LOU" and Stef Lang for lending her talents for this track "Tiny Diamond" I of course believe its a hit, but time will only tell. I am very excited for the release of the official Tiny Diamond music video please stay tuned. If you would like to request this track on radio stations near you please don't hesitate, call in now! Together we will rise - ALL THE LOVE LOU
  • Lou Potter performing the national Anthems at Live MMA HK36 "SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS" Presented by HARD KNOCKS Fighting in Partnership with Sunrise Rotary Club of FSJ in FSJ on May 10th 2014 Lou Potter will be singing the national anthems both "O Canada" and the "Star Spangled Banner" One of Lou's many events she is involved in are the honorable performance of the national Anthem, Lou has had experience performing this for many years from hockey games, MMA fight events in both Canada and USA, trade shows and many more. Lou will also be modeling as one of the card girls during this event, come out to enjoy her beautiful vocal runs putting her own flavor on the anthems and modelling while watching this event. You will not be disappointed. This card will be held on Saturday May 10th at the North Peace Arena in Fort Saint John B.C, The event will have Ex UFC fighters and local fighters. 50% of all proceeds go to donation for the Woman's Center and the SPCA. For Tickets and VIP Dinner Tables call 250-262-0066 or contact Lou Potter.
  • Lou Potter feat. Emma De V at the brand new Awakening electronic music festival held this year in Sukunka Valley, near Chetwynd B.C. This music festival is the first annual electronic music festival to hit northern B.C in Canada. Lou Potter will be one of the main stage headliners.

    What: The Sukunka Valley Awakening Music Festival. BC North will come alive for a multi-day gathering of amazing people featuring world class DJs, Artists and Performers. All sorts of day activities will be available, including Spiritual Healing, Yoga, clinics on Hooping and Dancing, and more!

    Where: About 70km South of Chetwynd in the beautiful Sukunka Valley.

    When: July 11 - 14, 2014. Gates open 9am Thursday, with performances running Friday afternoon until early Monday morning.

    Minors: No minors. 19+ with two pieces of ID. STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL.

    Parking: Parking will be provided with purchase of a festival pass.

    RVs: There will be a designated area for RVs and campers. There will be no hookups, and there is no dumping anywhere on site.

    Amenities: Free drinking water (please bring a refillable container). Licensed food...

  • Welcome Lou Potter fans

    Posted on April 1, 2014 at 11:45 am

    Dear Lou Potter fans, I am very excited for the future! First of all I would like to thank you all so much for all your support and love, I wil always encourage everyone i know to keep searching and listening for new music every day. I am starting this blog so you can follow my everyday adventures wether its music or just my life in general., Everyone is welcome to keep coming back to my blog to find out what is going on in the Lou Potter music world. Read more....

  • Brand new track to come out very soon. This song is dedicated to my very close friend Jenn. If you would like to read the story behind this beautiful, new, melodic song, I have it included in this blog below; careful it’s an interesting one. Basically life has many lessons for us to learn. This one is a very valuable lesson for all of us, I believe it came from Jens grandmother where ever she may be now, a lesson of how we can get so caught up in our own lives, how we can forget the value behind just "letting something go", or having something and then its suddenly forced to freedom from our very own hands. I think life, weather it is god, the universe or just reality, tests us. I do believe…as I have written in some of my other lyrics for the new song "Alive" also to be released this year 2014, "they try to break us down to dust, I believe the best of us survive" that this is the case in life for us to face. I don’t think that means some are better than others, we are all the same. We choose how to take life, deal with life, and move on or not. It is a constant battle for all of us, and not to compare to others on how bad...

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