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  • Lou Potter’s first 2015 single "Can’t Keep My Clothes On Around You" was actually written in 2009 with Doug Naugler. This catchy tune with samples of Motown sounds and cleaver sexy lyrics really show cases Lou's talents with the more adult contemporary pop genre.

    Lou brought the track to the talented Jeff Dawson’s attention and together they tweaked the lyrics and re produced the song. With an amazing music video to accompany it, it is defiantly a 2015 hit.

    "The song is about that irresistible attraction to the opposite sex we all can’t deny""

    Now available on iTunes, amazon, RDIO, Google music and may more....

    Check out the video produced by Gear Room Productions and edited by Archetype Pictures Michael Ryan


  • Tiny Diamond Remix by Dj Hymn

    Posted on November 22, 2014 at 7:34 am

    For all the EDM lovers this remix will quench your thirst for sick beats and cleaver electronic sounds mixed with Lou Potter and Stef Langs brilliant vocals. 

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  • Request Lou Potters singles on Radio now!

    Posted on September 7, 2014 at 4:08 am



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  • Lou Potter Wins Emerging Artist of The Month on CKXS 991FM radio

    Hello Lou Fans!

    July 2014, Lou Potter has won the Emerging Artist of the month on CKXS 991 FM radio. 

    What the CKXS Emerging Artist of The Month IS;  Every day at 4:20 pm listen in during WEEKDAZE with Jay Smith as they preview some of the best new music coming out of Canada! If you like what you hear, vote for your favourite new artists. The winner each month will receive additional airplay and become a permanent part of the CKXS landscape.

    What this means; Lou Potters singles will be in heavy Cancon rotation for the next two months as “Emerging Artist of the month” and the radio station will guarantee future airplay- as long as the singles fit the genre, as they currently do.

    please feel free to call in and request “Tiny Diamond” or any other Lou Potter single any time! 

    CKXS Text Line (texts only, requests and contests only) – 519-437-9991

    CKXS Main Phone Line – 519-627-0007

    A big thank you goes out to...

  • Lou feat. Emma V and n8t

    Posted on July 5, 2014 at 2:13 am
    Lou Potter featuring Emma V and n8t. In an edgy combination of live vocals, acoustic violin and EDM beats, recording artist Lou Potter collaborates with Emma V on violin and n8t on deck for her new EDM set. A showcase for high energy beats together with her sultry catchy vocals make for an ear-catching and unique sound. A must see, listen, and feel! Lou Potter is a force of music throughout the dance pop/ scene, with her brand new single “Tiny Diamond feat. Stef Lang” featured across Canada on radio today she is soaring to the top. She has been recording and performing music for many years and wont stop now! An instrumentalist with a lifetime of classical training, Emma V always strives to create new and experimental sounds. Chasing those euphoric riffs and sweet melodies on her strings she strives to perfect the blend of the old school classical vibe together with a grimy new school EDM sound. Utilizing that classical style, merging with Lou Potter’s edgy vocals, and n8t’s modern EDM sounds and effects, this is where she was meant to be! Joining the mix, n8t who has been in and out of music industry for several years as a musician, and involved in many...